Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Why this Existence than another?

         We exist as the previous article notes due to our  evolutionary history. Science finds no divine intent for us to have evolved. So,no, Deity had nothing to do with that.
         Many theists do grant that natural causes are responsible for us, so they adhere to no God of the gaps,  but all theists adhere to the God of the explanatory gap as though natural causes have to have a metaphysical boss. But as no divine intent appears, then ti's a category mistake and a begged question to nevertheless claim that He is that sufficient reason when no such obfuscation can trump science.      
          William Lane Craig and Richard Swinburne claim that Existence- the Cosmos- requires a personal explanation, as otherwise why would there exist this one instead of another? Carneades' atelic argument notes that that begs the question of directed outcomes.
          The Flew-Lamberth the presumption of naturalism claims that all natural causes and explanations themselves are the sufficient reason, and thus Deity would lack explanatory value.  
          The Lamberth the ignostic-Ockham notes that either He is so incoherent that He means no more than a square circle or is needlessly redundant, despite Alister Earl McGrath
          Percy Bysshe Shelley implicitly endorses Aquinas' superfluity argument by stating:" To suppose that some existence beyond or above them [ the descriptions-laws- of Nature ] is to invent a second and superfluous hypothesis to account for what already is accounted for." And ti' s a begged question then to suggest that no, that's a category mistake.
         This superfluity has caused people to murder. No need exists for the superfluity as any kind of gap!
            It's up to the Stengers,not theologians to explore the why of Existence.
            How could nothing possible exist anyway?

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