Sunday, February 24, 2013

Augustine -against science

 Despite the out of context quote of Augustine about his outlook on Genesis, he was indeed a literalist! Non-fundamentalists then vainly quote him.
  As one who hated dissent from Christ=insanity, he favored burning dissenters at the stake. How could he ever favor science?
  Besides, as Dawkins and Stenger advocate, mechanism rules, and thus, teleology contradicts science-Lamberth's mechanism argument- and thus, cannot complement it, and thus theistic evolution is no more than an oxy-moronic obfuscation!
   Both scientists urge others to learn real science. Science eviscerates theism= reduced animism, and thus, reduced animism is as superstitious as full animism and polytheism!
   How could he ever have accepted evolution which denies in effect original sin? Despite Michael Ruse, theology and science cannot mix from the side of science.

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