Friday, February 1, 2013

That big soul-man!

  God is that big soul-man, and like souls, science finds no  evidence for His soul: it finds that all minds depend on brains, so that notion of disembodied mind of God  instantiates the  argument from physical mind and [Matt] McCormick's why God cannot think or act.
    Theologians then are using the argument  from ignorance for their  belief that He's have a disembodied one; they and most atheists  know that to claim an embodied one would affirm what only a very few atheists think that, as the Soviet cosmonauts claimed, that they didn't find Him- no physical body- no God!
       McCormick's argument carries the notion that His omniconsciousness and omnipresence  preclude His thinking and His doings and why, He'd not have any kind of mind at all! To be able to think and act,  beings must be aware of themselves as distinct from the  rest of the world.This if omnipresent, He would not be distinct to do either.
           He states:" [A]being must be limited in time and place  in order to be  conscious of objects and itself, being aware of their representations as representations, and form judgments about them.

.... The impossibility of omniconsciousness  also has some serious  implications for omniscience."
         How then could one have a  relationship with  a being not able to respond?
        This  and the  one from physical mind affirm perforce ignosticism/igtheism, theological non-cognitivism!

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