Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Our moral sense

I think that overall our moral sense provides more for altruism and empathy than for those bad           activities.. Everyday most people help each other, whilst few engage in those bad activities.
 I agree with Paul Kurtz  in " Forbidden Fruit' and Quentin Smith in his book on ethics and religion that the common decencies are universal.
To concentrate on those bad activities is what the immoral ethicists do. We are not evil by nature as Ellis Albert in " The Myth of Self -Esteem," notes but rather more good than bad.
 As Sam Harris in " The Moral Landscape"  and Alonzo  note, science can inform us about how to proceed with our choices
Theists beg the question that God gave us the moral sense. over the millennia, humanity has refined the sense with  better ethics, and  putative God did not give an evolving ethic!
  Why, as S.T. Joshi  in  " God's Defenders"   notes, even the religious don't favor all their God's commands!
   My covenant morality for humanity -the presumption  of morality is similar to Richard Carrier's in his " Sense and Goodness without God: a Defense of Metaphysical Naturalism."

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